The benefits of working with independant contractors

Puzzle is ideally located at the heart of Europe, in France's Grand Est region: 10 minutes from Germany, less than 1 hour drive from Strasbourg, Metz or Luxembourg, less than 2 hours by car from Switzerland or by TGV from Paris and about 1 hour flight from many European capitals like London, Berlin or Rome. Additionally, Puzzle is also present in Mauritius!


The benefits of both outsourcing and remote work, have already been well documented: costs reduction, flexibility, increase in productivity, external expertise and even lower carbon footprint are just a few of the benefits for your organisation. 

If your looking for more information about those benefits, look no further,  we have listed some of them below. Alternatively, you can also contact us and we'll help you make the best choices tailored to your specific situation.

Need flexibility?
Open your talent pool with no long term commitment. 

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest!"

Peter F. Drucker,

Writer, Management consultant

The benefits of working with us
The benefits of working with us
Puzzle international - increased efficiency

Refocus on your core business and let us handle the rest : entrust us with those time-consuming tasks that keep you from concentrating on your customers/patients or growing your business. From our offices or your own, our job is to make yours easier. Subject to an obligation of conduct, hiring a contractor can less risky than hire an employee and less expensive if you cannot afford to appoint someone full time.

: The "remote" option
No need to drop by the office, you track our progress online and over the phone !
Increased efficiency : you stay focused on your core business

Get the job done without long-term commitment unless it suits you. You decide of the length of the service whether it is a day, a year or a long-term contract. You avoid any risk of redundancy in your services and unnecessary labour costs between two missions. And if you need our services again in the future, all you'll have to do is call us!

The "remote" option :
A business emergency? From our own offices we can often start right away !
Puzzle international - no commitment
Flexibility : no long-term commitment !
Puzzle international - no hidden cost

You avoid all hidden costs related to hiring such as employer charges, training or sick leave or training, commuting costs as well the sometimes expensive administrative procedures that accompany them such as payroll management. A project costs estimate is sent to you so the fee remains fixed. No bad surprise, you only pay for the services provided.

: The "remote" option
No need to invest in an office, a workstation, nor office supplies or IT equipment.  
No hidden cost: you only pay for what you get 

When subcontracting, career management is no longer an internal issue. Only skills matter and what they bring to your project. Even for temporary assignments or support assignments, you access expert profiles and higher skills that would be too costly to hire. Our career plan is the diversity of missions and the quality of the service rendered.

Cutting our commute time and costs increases our reactivity and your profitability.
The "remote" option :
Puzzle international - assistance support and expertise
Assistance : get access to expertise or simply support for your team
Puzzle international - mobility

The opening of European borders and new technologies have largely contributed to mobility in the workplace. It is now common to coordinate teams scattered abroad through collaborative online tools and to travel to work at low-cost. Subcontracting also allows for collaboration with international profiles without managing hiring restrictions such as visas and permits.

Remote working also contribute to reduce your company's carbon footprint !  
: The "remote" option
Mobility : collaboration beyond borders

An external consultant brings his experience, skills and good practices but also the added value of a fresh eye of your project and your organisation. Free from the pressure of internal politics (hierarchy, departments' restrictions, staff anxiety to express their concerns freely, restricted vision) we take a fresh look at your problematics and offer new perspectives and solutions.

The "remote" option :
Out of your office, the information gathering is anonymous and more objective.
Puzzle international - objectivity
Objectivity : a fresh eye on your projects !

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