Flexibility, mobility and connectivity

At Puzzle, simplicity, flexibility and transparency are key. We share our expertise and take on some of your workload so you can focus on your core business, it is as simple as that.

As a boutique firm, we provide tailor-made services only although we like to keep a vast area of intervention. 

Choosing the liberty of a  wide diversity of projects in terms of length, nature and field, makes our work even more exciting, so do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your needs and in 5 simple steps we will start building your project together!

Let's meet soon!
At your office or by video chat, we're here for you.
5 simple steps...
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Depending on your project and your location, we'll set up a meeting at your office or via video call.

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define the       outline and       features

of your project.


     we will

Puzzle international step 3


A summary of your project specifications and an estimate will be sent for you to sign.

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You can also ask to be called back.

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      We're a GO !

  Your project is on the move

and you can follow its progress on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.


Whether you come to us with a defined project or simply with a list of issues and a need for solutions, we will define together the outline and specifications of your project and the best solutions and services to implement to help you reach your goals.


We'll talk about the launch and deadline of your project as well as the duration and frequency of your needs. We will take on your long term projects,  one-shot daily projects, full or part time services with the same respect for your activity and right to an excellent service.


We can start right away using our own methods and tools or adapt to yours. If you wish to give us access to your back office and database or even train us on your internal processes and ERP, we'll be ready to jump right in whenever you need us in the future.


According to your needs, we will decide together whether your main contact will be Puzzle, Fabro Communication or another expert from our network but rest assured that, with us, your main representative will be the same throughout your project.


Because transparency and ethics are pillars of corporate governance, shared tasks boards and calendars, written recommendations and reports as well as regular meetings (at your office or via video call) will ensure you always know your project is on the right track.


Once we have agreed on the solutions to be implemented, we will send you a quotation detailing the specifics, the items covered as well as possible variations, a schedule, our payment terms and everything you might need to know before going ahead with your project.


Choosing the option of remote work does not mean that we will not make time for face-to-face meetings. We will schedule visits to your office or video-chats at a frenquency you are most comfortable with and is appropriate to the nature of your project.

Together, we will define


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